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Sara Collins
Senior Archaeologist, Osteologist

Ph.D., Anthropology, 1992
M.A., Anthropology, 1977
B.A., Anthropology, 1976

Sara Collins is a Physical Anthropologist and Archaeologist with over 40 years of experience in archaeology and osteology in Hawaii and the Pacific.  She has served as Principal Investigator for over 60 projects in the past 5 years, including inventory surveys, detailed site recording, subsurface testing, archaeological monitoring, emergency data recovery, preservation planning and laboratory analyses.  For 10 years prior to joining PCSI, Dr. Collins served as the Oahu Archaeologist and then Archaeology Branch Chief with the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD), where she reviewed over 2,000 studies and plans for conformance with Federal and State historic preservation law.  While at the SHPD, Dr. Collins also provided technical expertise in the identification and appropriate treatment of skeletal remains found in over 200 cases.

Dr. Collins worked at the U.S. Army’s Central Identification Laboratory at Hickam AFB for over 6 years, performing forensic anthropological studies in support of the identification of U.S. war dead.  She also worked at the Bishop Museum for 5 years, where she conducted extensive human osteological studies from Hawaiian sites.  Dr. Collins is a recognized expert in Hawaiian vertebrate and invertebrate faunal analysis, having carried out laboratory studies of faunal remains from over 100 projects in the past decade in Hawai`i and the Pacific.