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Windfarm Visual Simulations
Visual Modeling of Proposed Wind Power Facilities, Various Locations in Hawaii
Because visual impacts are a primary concern of the public when windfarms are being planned, having an accurate visual simulation can be critical to winning public support for a project.   PCSI has provided specialized computer modeling support during the planning of several proposed wind energy projects in Hawaii.

To allow for the evaluation of potential visual impacts resulting from the windfarms, PCSI prepared computer models simulating views of each project from select vantage points.  Using advanced computer software, the windfarms were digitally modeled and placed on a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the local terrain.  The DEM was overlaid on actual photographs taken from the surrounding areas, after which photographs of actual wind turbines were superimposed to create accurate and realistic visual simulations of the proposed projects.

PCSI’s visual simulations allowed project proponents to successfully address public concerns.  As a result, two new wind energy projects are now proceeding in Hawaii.