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Round Top Burial Recovery
Human Burial Recovery for Emergency Repairs at Round Top Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii

PCSI provided quick-response archaeological services to DLNR in support of emergency repairs along Round Top Drive in Honolulu. The emergency repairs were necessitated by landslides resulting from large storms in March 2006 that closed the roadway.

PCSI was called into the project in August 2007 after excavations at the site inadvertently unearthed human skeletal remains.  Our archaeologists were tasked with recovering the remains for reinterment and with preparing a burial recovery report to comply with Hawaii Administrative Rules.   PCSI’s staff Osteologist provided positive identification and classification of the skeletal remains, providing full compliance with State requirements applicable to inadvertent burial discoveries.

After completing the initial burial recovery, PCSI remained at the site for another month, providing archaeological monitoring during the remaining excavation activities.  Additional human remains were recovered by PCSI during the monitoring phase. 

Because PCSI was able to respond rapidly and appropriately, the City was able to continue the emergency repairs without significant impact to the project schedule and costs.