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Rockfall Archaeological Assessments
Archaeological Assessments in Support of Rockfall Mitigation Projects, Oahu, Hawaii

On behalf of the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), PCSI has assessed archaeological resources at several sites where rockfall mitigation was planned.

Many areas in the State are at risk of property damage and personal injury from rockfall incidents.  DLNR is charged with implementing measures to protect the public from possible incidents involving State lands.  Often, the rockfall mitigation measures selected will require physical alteration of the land.  The selected measures typically involve removal of unstable surfaces and placement of secure restraints, such as steel mesh nets to prevent loosened rocks from tumbling into populated areas.  Under State law, these mitigation measures usually require Environmental Assessments (EAs).  A critical component of the EA process is the assessment of cultural resources in the project area and the potential effect of the mitigation on those resources.

PCSI has been brought in on several DLNR rockfall mitigation projects during the EA process to conduct archaeological assessments of the project area and ensure that historic properties will not be affected by the projects.