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Pearl Harbor GIS
Geographical Information System Development, Implementation and Maintenance for the Pearl Harbor Fuel Management System, Hawaii

PCSI supported the U.S. Navy at Pearl Harbor for over five years during the development of a Geographical Information System (GIS) used for managing fuel and assets assigned to the Fuels Department of the Fleet Industrial Supply Center (FISC).

PCSI staff managed the development of the FISC fuel infrastructure base layers and their integration with Pearl Harbor base layers and imagery.  In the second phase of development, PCSI deployed a dynamic web GIS on the FISC Fuels Intranet that provides all FISC Fuel staff secure access to FISC Fuel GIS and asset data.  The final phase of the program involved the development of a web GIS application for pipeline and tank integrity management.

The completed system provides the Navy with a fully automated tool for tracking assets,  performing risk assessments and managing preventative maintenance of the entire Pearl Harbor fuel system.