Project Portfolio

Pipeline Integrity Management System, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

On behalf of the U.S. Navy, PCSI developed a Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) for the petroleum fuels pipelines at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.    The PIMS provides a means for ensuring that petroleum pipelines are tracked, maintained, tested, operated, and monitored in a manner that minimizes the potential for releases or spills.

The Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) at Pearl Harbor is charged with managing fuels used by vessels in the Pacific Ocean theater of operations.  This responsibility includes the management of over 20 million gallons of petroleum storage tanks and 15 miles of subsurface pipelines.

PCSI developed a PIMS that achieved the requirements established by the Office of Pipeline Safety:
  • Consolidated information on High Consequence Areas potentially affected by operations
  • Development of a Baseline Assessment Plan
  • Development of a process for continual integrity assessment and evaluation of pipeline segments
  • Development of repair criteria to address issues identified by the integrity assessment
  • Development of a process to identify and evaluate preventive and mitigative measures
  • Development of methods to measure the integrity management program effectiveness

Through this project, PCSI became familiar with industry standards applicable to petroleum management in pipelines, as well as release response measures.