Project Portfolio

Kona Airport Historic Preservation Plan
Historic Preservation Planning for New Air Traffic Control Tower, Kona International Airport, Hawaii

PCSI provided extensive support for the FAA’s planned replacement of the Kona International Airport, Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT).  PCSI was originally brought in during the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project to perform an Archaeological Inventory Survey (AIS) of the site.  During the AIS, PCSI discovered the remains of an ancient Hawaiian stepping stone trail near the new tower’s planned location.

Working with Federal Aviation Administration and the State Historic Preservation Division, PCSI developed and received approval for a Historic Preservation Plan (HPP) to protect and preserve the trail.  During this process, PCSI provided consultation with local organizations under Section 106 for the HPP.

PCSI also provided monitoring and oversight during construction of temporary fencing designed to protect the trail during ATCT construction.  PCSI was later retained to assess and identify a 30-foot wide corridor that would avoid archaeological sites for the routing of a new underground duct bank providing infrastructure connections to the planned tower.