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EA for Mauna Kea CMP
Environmental Assessment for the Mauna Kea Comprehensive Management Plan

PCSI prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) for the University of Hawaii (UH) Management Areas on Mauna Kea in compliance with Hawaii’s Chapter 343 environmental impact assessment process.

The UH Management Areas on Mauna Kea include over 12,000 acres intended to support astronomical observatories located on the mountain’s summit.  Mauna Kea is a sacred site in Hawaiian culture, as well as being the home to unique natural resources found nowhere else in the world.  To guide and improve overall management of the summit of Mauna Kea, the University of Hawaii developed a CMP addressing natural and cultural resource management priorities, as well as access controls.

The University retained PCSI to prepare the EA on a fast-track basis.  The draft EA was published two weeks after completion of the CMP.