Archaeological Services

Due Diligence Research & Office Reviews
When purchasing property in Hawaii, it is important to be aware of factors that can affect development and use of land. Although Hawai`i State law requires a seller to disclose a number of facts about a property for sale to a buyer, a seller may not necessarily be aware of all historic preservation issues connected to his or her property. PCSI can assist potential buyers by compiling the following information:
  • Presence or absence of historic sites on the subject parcel(s)
  • Review of public records to determine status of prior historic preservation reviews, work, any findings, and agency approvals.
  • If historic sites are present, whether additional work (such as mitigation) is needed in order to obtain any permits or approvals

Similarly, if you are contemplating development of property you own, or changes to its zoning or land use activities, PCSI can provide a similar overview of any factors related to historic preservation that should be considered in taking such steps.

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